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Hundreds and thousands of dollars are being made every single day at multi-table tournaments by others just like you.The common thing that most amateur players do is blow their cash away at tournaments without making a single dime.The problem is that you are most-likely playing MTT’s wrong. Using typical texas holdem strategies when you should be using something else – All the while, a small group of multi-table tournament experts clean the tables and make the money.

My multi-table tournament guide, “NL Tournament Supremacy”, will educate you on every aspect of a no limit holdem tournament – how to engage the beginning, middle and late stages of a tournament.Here are just some of the features you’ll learn and receive from my guide…How to approach a Multi-Table Tournament from the beginning, middle and late stages of the tournament…detailed step-by-step approach.

Learn the difference between survival and aggression in a multi-table tournament.How to get huge payoff’s from rock and maniac players – How to trap these type of players and how to avoid getting trapped by them.Learn when and how to switch gears. Timing and opponents are everything!Recognizing which opponents are only playing to survive…and how to exploit them!How to fight off a large stack players…and rules you must know before getting involved with a chip leader!Learn when it’s necessary for a showdown within a multi-table tournament…When is the right time to showdown? And, when is the right time to avoid showdowns.How to play small, middle and large chip stacks…And much more!